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Using Chiropractic Therapy to Recover After a Car Accident

Car accidents are usually over in an instant, but they can have long-lasting impacts on your daily life. Even assuming no one is badly injured, there is still the hassle of police statements, repairs, and insurance claims. Handling all of this while your body is still recovering from the crash can feel overwhelming, but there are options to manage the aches and pains. These are four ways chiropractic care can make your life easier in the wake of an accident. 
It is important to note that, while our office can help with recovery, we cannot assist you with a medical emergency. Whenever you are in a car accident, we recommend seeking medical attention as quickly as possible. Even if you are not visibly injured, you may have suffered internal damage that can prove fatal if not caught. Be certain that you are safe and well before worrying about the residual pains. 
Overcoming the Initial Aches
During a car crash, your body tenses up and is jerked in unnatural directions at unnatural speeds. The more severe the crash, the more likely you are to experience significant stress on your muscles and joints. Because of this, many people wake up the day after an accident feeling stiff and sore.
Whiplash, a more serious reaction, is characterized by intense headaches, dizziness, and tingling sensations in your fingers and toes. It is caused when sudden force on the neck damages fragile vertebrae and the nerves they protect. It can take weeks or even months for whiplash to heal on its own. During this time, you may experience daily discomfort and disorientation. 
Your initial appointments with a chiropractic specialist will likely focus on this pain. Massage therapy for sore muscles can relieve tension headaches and leave your limbs feeling looser. At this time, spinal corrections can begin to resolve issues in your neck and back, including whiplash. If you only suffered minor trauma in the accident, a few sessions may be all you need to make a full recovery. 
Documenting Your Therapy
Car accidents are a challenge at all levels of life, including legally. As you put yourself and your life back in order, you may also need to work with your insurance company to receive compensation for your injuries and damaged property. An initial medical exam followed by routine treatments like chiropractic provide documented proof of your injuries and the care needed to treat them. 
Reducing Stress
While you tackle all of the challenges associated with an accident, you don't need your own body adding more stress to your life. Muscle tension and misalignment along the spine impair your daily functioning and distract you from business at hand. Furthermore, any new stress you experience can generate its own tension, making your existing aches that much worse. 
Soothing your physical symptoms from the crash allows you to face the new day with a clear and rested mind. Our care emphasizes restoring healthy functioning to the nervous system, which is closely tied to your stress levels. Many patients find their regular appointments, paired with the physical relief, becomes a relaxing part of their weekly schedule. 
Managing Long-Term Trauma
If you were unlucky enough to sustain a long-term injury in the accident, chiropractic care may be a suitable method of treatment. Many car accident survivors deal with nagging pains for years after the crash. Our experts can keep you comfortable as you return to normal life through short, regular sessions. In some cases, chiropractic therapy may help you avoid long-term pain medications or more intensive therapies. 
Once the immediate rush of a car accident is past, it's time to start planning for the future. At Integrated Spinal Solutions, we care about solutions. Our certified technicians are trained to inspect your comfort levels and progress every two weeks. This personal attention allows us to adjust our methods to your needs and to recognize when your treatment is complete. Schedule an initial assessment today to protect your health and wellness after a car accident.