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Cervical Spinal Decompression

Understanding Cervical Spinal Decompression

You are supposed to have the ability to move your head in six directions: up, down and side to side, turning right and left. If you have a problem doing that you may need a cervical adjustment. Our Reno clinic offers a new chiropractic therapy called “cervical spinal decompression”. This is where a machine (called a spinal decompressor), slowly stretches the vertebra in the neck. During this painless procedure the machine alleviates the pressure from the disc and nerve roots.
When patients experience pain in the neck area, it can be due to impinged nerves in the cervical spine. Cervical spine imbalances and deformities are quite common in patients with busy lifestyles and long work hours. Office workers who are tasked with sitting in front of a computer for long periods are at high risk of developing compressed nerves in the cervical area, since it is easy to develop poor posture habits that place excessive pressure on the neck when spending long hours in a seated position doing computer work. Additionally, cervical spine problems are almost always an issue in patients who have been in car accidents (regardless of the severity of the impact) and are often referred to as whiplash.
While ailments to the cervical spine are typically reversible and treatable, patients will obtain the best results if the condition is detected before it can progress and worsen. If a cervical nerve is under duress for extended periods without relief, discomfort and loss of sensation and function will spread to the upper extremities. Patients may experience weakness, numbness or “pins and needles” throughout the arms, hands and fingers.  Extensive nerve damage can be severe and result in permanent loss of responsiveness in the muscles than control the upper extremities.  This is why early diagnosis and treatment of cervical spine problems is of extreme importance (cervical spinal decompression).

How Does It Work?

Cervical Spinal Decompression is administered by a machine that has helped hundreds of patients avoid risky surgical procedures and obtain permanent relief from neck pain and complications stemming from cervical spine dysfunction. This machine uses a computer-monitored device that painlessly releases spinal pressure by applying gentle traction to the affected structure until the spine’s natural balance is restored and compression on the nerves and other tissues is relieved.

Does Lumbar Spinal Decompression Hurt?

No, not at all. Spinal decompression should be completely painless and only takes 15-30 minutes. Treatment frequency is similar to a work-out routine, about 2 times a week. Most patients start noticing improvements within the first two weeks.

When Can I Expect Results?

Long-term results can be achieved with a handful of sessions, but the specific number of treatments will depend on the acute or chronic nature of the injury, and the extent of damage or degeneration that is already present.

The Zero Health Risk Factor

There are some conditions that would preclude the use of spinal decompression. During you initial consultation your doctor will take a through history to screen for those conditions.