Back Doctor Reno Chiropractor

Dr. May has been an athlete from the time he was a child. He competed in gymnastics for nine years on the National Level and trained as a member of the United States Olympic Develop Program.   He also played three years of varsity basketball in high school. Competing at such an intense level resulted in severe back spasms that put his senior season of basketball in jeopardy. After refusing to take muscle relaxers to mask the pain, he sought out a form of therapy that emphasized rehabilitation instead of pain medication. At eighteen years old Dr. May reluctantly and skeptically received his first chiropractic adjustment.  It was an experience that changed his life and how he felt about chiropractic medicine. From a pain and functional perspective, the result he felt following his adjustment was immediate and dramatic.  From that day forward he dedicated his efforts to become a chiropractic physician in hopes that he could one day help others in the same manner.

Dr. May graduated with a degree in Health Ecology from the University of Nevada Reno before attending Palmer College of Chiropractic West where he graduated as part of the International Chiropractic Honor Society. Palmer West is widely recognized for their emphasis in sports chiropractic medicine which has shaped Dr. May’s approach to treating his patients. His competitive sports background was a natural fit with the sports physiology model of rehabilitation.  This model focuses on disrupting underlying adaptive scar tissue that forms in and around joints as a result of  injury, chronic stress (such as long periods of sitting), or faulty biomechanics.  Combining a biomechanics understanding of joint motion with Chiropractic, he is able to restore range of motion and overall function to your spine and other joints. After restoring the foundation of joint mobility, Dr. May goes on to integrate muscle coordination, strength, and endurance through a targeted and personal exercise program. This integrated approach creates the balance of mobility and stability that every individual needs to live an active and rewarding life without recurring bouts of back pain.


• Graduated from the University of Nevada with a degree in Health Ecology.
• Graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic West as a member of the International Chiropractic Honor Society.
• Performance Movement Technique certified through Rocktape.
• Certified by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Addressing Sports Concussions.


Chiropractic adjustments to the spine and extremities, Rocktaping, instrument assisted soft tissue therapy, and training in performance movement techniques.