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What Is Electronic Muscle Stimulation?

electronic muscle stimulation
Electronic Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, or Muscle Stim, is a physical therapy modality that can be used to stimulate muscle contraction in an effort to control pain, strengthen muscles and manage inflammation.
Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS), or muscle stim, is a chiropractic therapy typically applied to a patient who has a lot of pain or spasm in the area of injury or complaint. When electrical muscle stimulation is performed, mild electrical current is applied to cause fast contraction to the muscles. Electrical muscle stimulation gives the patient a tingling sensation that is very soothing.
The fast contractions of the muscle experienced during this chiropractic therapy help to fatigue the muscle and allow it to relax, settling the spasm. The fast contraction also causes the body to release endorphins. The endorphins are the body’s natural pain killers, and so they help to reduce pain sensation to the area.

How Is Electronic Muscle Stimulation Performed?

When you have Electronic Muscle Stimulation treatment, electrodes are hooked up to an electric stimulation machine and are placed around the affected area of your neck, back, shoulder, knee, ankle or wrist. The placement of the electrodes depends on the reason for which the muscle stim is given, along with how deep or superficial the current is intended to go.
The stim machine is then adjusted until you feel a prickly sensation. You should have it as high as you can comfortably tolerate, without it burning, stinging, or feel like it is stabbing. You do not want it to involuntarily move your muscle, similar to twitching, as this could over work the muscle and cause further issues. So when the stim machine reaches your tolerable level, make sure to inform the doctor administering the treatment.

Physical Therapy And Muscle Stim

Electronic Muscle Stimulation is one of the more recent innovations in the world of physical therapy and sports medicine. As an adjunct to chiropractic treatment, this therapy works especially well with massage for back pain, neck pain, headache problems, and many other issues. Muscle Stim complements massage, spinal adjustments, and maximizes pain relief. It is frequently utilized in sports medicine and is often prescribed by our chiropractor to help patients recover quicker.

Muscle Stim For Faster Recovery Times

More and more, Electronic Muscle Stimulation has been included in the top chiropractic offices as a means to relieve inflamed muscles and nerves. It aids our chiropractors in their treatments by allowing the strained muscles to relax, which facilitates and encourages natural healing.  This ultimately means that you will be able to recover faster and experience long term relief. This is especially useful in a physical therapy plan, as the muscles are retrained and stimulated to return to normal function.